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giving back

starlight children's foundation

When you invest in becoming the best version of yourself, you're also making a meaningful contribution
to the Starlight Children's Foundation. Your support provides essential funds for cancer research, aiding sufferers and their families.
Together, we can work towards a future where no one has to lose a loved one to this devastating disease.

Lucy's Story

In 2015 one of my twin boys Ben was diagnosed with a polycystic astrocytoma brain tumour.
Following brain surgery Ben had twelve rounds of chemotherapy. During this time Ben was granted a wish from STARLIGHT foundation.
He and his twin brother Jack got to surf with World Champion, Mike Fanning. He was in his 7th round of Chemotherapy
and I cannot share what this wish did for Ben, for me, and the whole family.
Ben is now a fit, strong healthy amazing man. We got our silver lining.

It is now a great pleasure I am on the advisory board of the STARLIGHT FOUNDATION.
Part proceeds of all sales through Angel Wings goes to STARLIGHT. Wear your style with pride knowing you have contributed to a great cause.

I will till my last breath be enfettered to three remarkable doctors: Dr Steven Santorious (Ben's neurosurgeon),
Dr Arthur Elise-Flint (Ben's registrar neurosurgeon and now friend), Dr Maria Kirby (Ben's chemo doctor),
as well as Mike Fanning (Ben’s now friend, they keep in touch and surf together) and THE STARLIGHT FOUNDATION.