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Personal Style Session - Lucy MacGill

Sale price$300.00

Feeling stuck in a style rut? This package is for you. Do you find yourself staring at a full wardrobe but always wearing the same outfits? This package is ideal. If you're feeling off in your daily looks but don't have time to revamp your style, let me handle it for you!

Together, we'll uncover outfit combinations in your existing wardrobe that you never thought possible.

Book your one-on-one personal styling session today.

How it works:

1. Wardrobe Transformation: We'll breathe new life into your current wardrobe.
2. Wardrobe Analysis: Identify what you wear and what you don't. Remove items that aren't working.
3. Outfit Creation: Create at least 30 new looks with your existing clothes. You'll discover options you never imagined.
4. Gap Identification: Clearly define the missing pieces in your wardrobe.
5. Shopping Assistance: Shop for the missing pieces yourself, or we can shop together to complete your perfect seasonal wardrobe. (Note: I receive no commission for recommended items to maintain authenticity.)
6. Elimination Process: 
   - Consign: Sell items online to get value back.
   - Donate: Share beautiful items you no longer need with someone who will appreciate them.
   - Re-Tailor: Some pieces are worth keeping for sentimental or style reasons—let’s enhance them!

“One thing I know about fashion right now is that it’s all about slow fashion, sustainability, and reducing waste. We all need to make our small mark.” — Lucy MacGill

Join me in embracing slow fashion and making a positive impact.

Duration :
Personal Style Session - Lucy MacGill
Personal Style Session - Lucy MacGill Sale price$300.00